Poor Bones, a purebred Siamese, was only three-years-old when her caregiver instructed the vet clinic to put her to death. Slender Bones was being picked on by the other resident cat which caused spontaneous, stress-related urination.


Because she was a healthy and affectionate little cat, I was contacted for help. After a thorough check-up, Bones came into our care and made it very clear that she did not like sharing our love with various other fostered rescued waifs and strays. So the search was on for a quiet home where she would be treated like a princess and promised a lifetime of being the only child. An ideal home was found with Ruth (pictured with Meiko) who quickly changed the name of her beautiful friend and has the following to say about her new fur child:

"I had recently lost my elderly Siamese and wasn't really wanting another cat so soon, but Meiko wormed her way into my heart. From the first she would curl up in my lap and purr loudly. She has an endearing trick of nibbling my arm or just nuzzling it with her wet nose. She has filled a big gap and it was the best decision I could make providing her with a new home. " Ruth.