Thank you so much to all who applied to adopt this gorgeous 16-month-old dog who was rescued from a vivisection lab. Valley Animal Research Centre (VARC), an animal testing facility, has been subject to multiple public protests at its premises in Palmerston North.


One kind protester decided that two of the sibling pups bred there would NOT be used and abused as test objects. Little Chester was one of those lucky pups.

Instead of suffering a life of agony, Chester is now living with a loving family of three on Auckland’s North Shore.

He has already attended the first of his eight professional group dog training classes where, according to his new caregivers, “Chester had a ball last night and did really well. He’s settled into the sleeping arrangements very well – in the morning racing upstairs to bound onto the bed and have big cuddles – so he’s really home!”

A month later, Chester's sister Charlie, joined him at this home. A wonderful reunion and a very happy ending!

See the video on the website of the New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society at