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Your donations help to pay for vet bills, food, transportation costs, dog pound release, equipment, toys, etc. It is common for Animal Re-homing’s vet bills to be thousands of dollars, especially if dentistry or emergency surgeries are needed for rescued animals.


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The Swift code / IBAN number is: ASBBNZ2A
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The ASB bank postal address (if required) is: PO BOX 35, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140, New Zealand

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Please help us with these huge vet bills!

Every one of Blu’s foot pads swelled up like water-filled balloons and a scabby area on his nose refused to heal. After a comprehensive vet check with multiple tests, he has been diagnosed with a disorder called plasmascytic pododermatitis. The veterinarians are hoping that his nose wound is related to this condition and is not cancer. We are waiting for his biopsy results.

Mandy was originally adopted from the SPCA by an old lady who passed away. She then lived with successive caregivers within the pensioner housing complex. When her final guardian, Thelma, had to go into a rest home, we collected Mandy and took her straight to the vet for the first time in 10 years. Among other procedures, she needed extensive dentistry.

Their combined vet bills so far total $1,739.83.
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