Charlie has a wonderful home now...
Tuesday, 01 September 2015 00:00

Charlie and his female companion spent their first four years chained to stakes as breeding dogs. Then Animal Management found them on the streets, with their coats entirely matted, dragging their heavy chains behind their 5kg frames. They were taken to the dog pound and separately adopted. Charlie was adored by his adoptive family, but his irritation with toddlers meant they couldn’t keep him.

We have had a delightful time with Charlie since he has been in our care. He has drawn many worthy applicants, and we have chosen a wonderful family for him. Pat, Ron and Jeff were ecstatic when we told them they were successful in their application. In their words “Charlie has been with us for two days, but you would be forgiven for thinking he has been here for two years. He is so happy and has adapted so well we can hardly believe it”.

Since then, he has been to his first group dog training class where the trainer told them he was a star and that they had adopted a winner! We already knew that…

Charlie's original ad:

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