Three Tiny Cockerels are Saved
Tuesday, 07 July 2015 00:00

When four tiny cockerels were dumped at a public park, it was only a matter of time before they would die of starvation, hypothermia or be killed by cats and dogs. Kind-hearted Troy heard about their plight and rushed to rescue them. Sadly, he was too late for one, but he saved three little Pekin roosters that day. We were contacted, named them Prince, Troy and Charlie Chaplin, then settled them into our holding pen while the long search for a home began.

Due to their size, we were on the lookout for a large, permanent enclosure where they would be safe from hawks and other predators. One of our supporters, Billie, generously offered a near-new one that was sitting unused on her property. Malcolm and Anthony from Arborfield Sanctuary Charitable Trust met us at Billie’s place to help us dismantle the structure. As soon as they had it reassembled and furnished at their sanctuary, we took the gorgeous Pekins’ to their new home.

Many thanks to Troy, Billie, and Arborfield Sanctuary. And a special thanks to Ngaire and Russell for allowing us to build our holding pen on their property all those years ago – it has saved hundreds of lives…

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