Please boycott rodeo
Friday, 13 January 2017 00:00

Please don't attend or support rodeo in any way. Animal Re-homing will have a strong presence at the Whangarei rodeo protest tomorrow.

The cowboys will tell you spurs are to enable them to hold on better. Seeing the wounds on this rodeo horse in Taupo last year, confirms what we already know - it's animal abuse.

Direct Animal Action

animal rehoming
Giving animals a second chance
Thursday, 05 January 2017 00:00

Isn't this wonderful?

We permanently care for a three-legged cat at the shelter, a double amputee hen and a cat who has had a gender change. We also have a very happy cat who has many metal body parts. It's truly remarkable that these options are now available to animals...

Cruel rodeo must be banned
Sunday, 01 January 2017 00:00

Animal Re-homing supporters turned out in force to attend Direct Animal Action's very successful anti-rodeo demonstration today.

While animals suffered terror and injuries in the arena behind us, passing motorists tooted their support of our peaceful vigil.

Please let us know if you would like to join us at the Whangarei and Kihikihi protests later this month. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Thank you to Sonia at The Pet Stylist
Wednesday, 28 December 2016 00:30

At short notice THE PET STYLIST decided to run a “Pet Photos With Santa” fundraiser for us and we couldn’t believe it when Sonia visited us with a cheque for $1,363 in her hand!

Sonia provided the venue, funded and sourced the reindeer statue, the Santa couch, Christmas trees, flyers, advertising and decorations herself. Her partner Les sponsored the Santa suit, and Brian - the Pics4u Limited photographer - refused to have his costs covered. On top of that Santa Andy decided not to charge a fee because he loved our charity.

We are so grateful to everyone who supported this initiative and especially to Sonia for putting it together solely for our benefit. We and all our rescued animals are delighted that she intends helping us out in the same way next year!

Huge thanks and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Sonia and to the friends and clients of THE PET STYLIST.

Thank you to Sonia at The Pet Stylist Thank you to Sonia at The Pet Stylist Thank you to Sonia at The Pet Stylist Thank you to Sonia at The Pet Stylist

Saturday, 24 December 2016 00:00

One of our permanent shelter residents, Caesar, adds his beauty to the joy of the festive season.
(Photo courtesy of Sonia from THE PET STYLIST)

merry christmas

Kittens abandoned in public toilets
Wednesday, 14 December 2016 00:00

When a council worker opened the men’s beach-side public toilets in the early morning, he found two 5-week-old kittens abandoned in a bare banana box. Kind members of the public took them home until we were contacted and went to collect them. Their little personalities immediately started to emerge, so we named the wee male Monkey, and his sister Diva. We set up a cosy kitten enclosure and tempted them with various foods. When we offered them teats to suckle, it became apparent that they were not fully weaned and would need round-the-clock monitoring and feeding.

With our shelter operator recovering from a broken leg, we knew we couldn’t give them the level of care they needed. We contacted our friends at Gutter Kitties and, although it was late at night, they kindly picked them up.

If you would like to apply for the adoption of Monkey and/or Diva, please contact Gutter Kitties directly.

kitten kitten

Bumble’s Story Must Be Told
Thursday, 08 December 2016 00:00

When we went to photograph and assess the hen, rooster and chick numbers at the home of a hoarder, we didn’t expect to leave with twelve severely debilitated and ill birds. Amongst the dead and dying was a thin little hen pitifully flapping around in circles in the dust. We named her Bumble.

A vet check revealed a very painful and long-neglected dislocation of her leg that could have been corrected with veterinary attention at the time of her injury. In addition, Bumble had a deformed wing, was egg-bound, had an impacted crop and suffered severe leg-mite, body lice and worm infestations.

To relieve her of her agony, one of our kind supporters sponsored Bumble’s immediate leg amputation – and weeks of rehabilitation followed. This stoic little girl made a full recovery and spent almost two years happily hopping around our shelter gardens and being spoiled by our volunteers.

When her remaining leg developed a horny growth that was growing back onto her leg, she underwent a second surgery to have it removed. Months later cancer at the growth site caused the leg to collapse and we had long discussions with her surgeon. Due to her otherwise vibrant good health and love of life, we made the decision to amputate her second leg rather than euthanize her.

That was four months ago and this happy little hen continues to thrive. Bumble is one of our most intensively cared for permanent residents and an absolute delight. She is fed and sleeps indoors, and spends her days using her strong wings to move about the garden digging her beak into the earth and keeping company with rabbits, pigeons and the shelter dog. Her favourite foods are fruit smoothies, blueberries, watermelon, tomatoes, bread crusts, daisies, Wandering Jew, oxalis and corn.

When we asked a few of our volunteers to describe Bumble, these are some of the words they used: “flappy, cute, fire-plumage, double amputee, lap-sitter, stubborn, happy, will get her own way, chatty, survivor, fearless, inquisitive, stroppy, sweet, Diva, floppy comb, spoiled, skilled wing balancing, almost human, affectionate, bossy, unique, one-off, extremely friendly, optimistic, loves being carried about, knows what she likes, unafraid, nosey, drama queen, cuddly, gentle, likes to look at her reflection, demanding and loved”.

The story of this adored and cheerful little hen had to be told.

bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble bumble

Bobby and Adrienne are madly in love
Wednesday, 07 December 2016 00:00

When his doting guardian became terminally ill, seven-year-old Bobby came into our care until his mum passed away many months later. With his delightfully happy and affectionate nature, Bobby won the hearts of all our volunteers and everyone else who met him.

Adrienne was no exception. She applied to adopt a large breed dog and joined us with a couple of them on a walk. We asked if she minded if a little Bichon Fris also came along for some fun. With a car full of dogs, Bobby was placed in her lap and, as they say, “the rest is history”.

During the walk, Adrienne kept looking sideways at this cute, fluffy, upbeat little dog and was amazed that he romped with the big boys and held his own through the thick mud, long grass and difficult terrain. While he cuddled into her arms on the return journey, she took herself completely by surprise when she felt a strong urge adopt him.

Lucky Bobby! Lucky Adrienne!

Bobby and Adrienne Bobby and Adrienne Bobby and Adrienne Bobby and Adrienne Bobby and Adrienne Bobby and Adrienne Bobby and Adrienne Bobby and Adrienne Bobby and Adrienne

Oh no! Linda has a broken leg
Tuesday, 22 November 2016 00:00

Our Founder-Operator has a broken leg!

When one of our big, joyful rescue dogs ran full-speed towards her, he didn't stop or swerve away.

After x-rays, an ambulance rushed Linda to hospital where she had emergency knee surgery. That was two weeks ago and, sadly, she will be out of action for several months.

Linda gives heartfelt thanks to her volunteers for generously stepping up their workload and availability and welcomes new supporters who have come forward to assist with dog walking, providing a meal, shelter work and animal-cuddling duties.

Once she masters the stairs, Linda will have access to the computer and looks forward to being back in touch with you all.

Linda Broken Leg Linda Broken Leg Linda Broken Leg

Thank you so much PETstock!
Friday, 04 November 2016 00:00

A big thank you to PETstock Constellation Drive!

Since it opened in Mairangi Bay it has been the go-to store for most of our animal supplies, so we were delighted when the management invited us to hold an ‘Adoption and Awareness Day’ at their premises.

Armed with flyers and posters of our many homeless dogs, cats, rabbits, hedgehogs and chickens - and with our sweet young rescue dog Vernie representing them - we spent many happy hours with their friendly customers. Although he was cuddled, tummy-rubbed and loved by shoppers of all ages, no-one offered beautiful big Vernie the home he so needs. Click here to learn more about Vernie.

We are so grateful to our brilliant volunteers Imogen, Maggie, Onjoli and Gemma for making the day such a success!

vernie vernie vernie vernie vernie vernie


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