Indy & Chloe

They have now found a loving home together.


indy_chloe1When a stray cat brought her litter of six kittens to his office building in Auckland, the kind man gathered them up and delivered them to a vet clinic. Sadly, he has been unable to capture the mother to have her spayed. The clinic contacted me for help to find loving homes for some of these pure white babies.

I would like the remaining two kittens, Indy and Chloe, to be adopted together if possible. They play beautifully, are full of purrs, curiosity and activity.

Like many white mindy_chloe2ale cats, the little boy is totally deaf, so I am looking for a particularly special home for them – something like a strictly indoor apartment lifestyle, with an enclosed balcony would be ideal. Due to their colouring, the kittens will be more susceptible to skin cancer than other cats, so it would be ideal if they spend the majority of their time inside…especially during the summer months. Little Chloe is unique with one blue eye and one green.

These half-grown kittens have been de-sexed & micro-chipped, had double vaccinations, been flea & worm treated and are now ready for a loving home. They are eating well, are very playful and are expert at using their litter trays. However, they are very shy with strangers, so patience would be needed to earn their trust so that they will become purring lapcats with their new caregiver(s) - as they are with us.

Please come forward if you live in a good sized apartment, or on a quiet street or a very long driveway and if you have time, love and money to spend caring for Indy and Chloe. Any children in the household would need to be gentle, supervised and at least 7 years old. Thank you.

NOTE: Strictly indoor cats need to be regularly provided with punnets of catgrass - which is available from garden stores.

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