Scarlett O’Hara

When Scarlett’s fosterer had a friend from Napier come to stay for a few days, Pamela had to share the Scarlett__Ginger_girl_002guestroom with Ms O’Hara. It wasn’t long before Scarlett touched the heart of her cat-loving roommate and Pamela decided to apply for her adoption.

I watched the gentle way Pamela related to her shy friend (see photo) and, as her application met all of my criteria, I was delighted to approve the adoption. A few days later Scarlett made the journey to Hawkes Bay where she is utterly treasured. Pamela has re-named her fur child “Meilla” and posted me the update below:

Scarlett_OHara_with_Pamela“Dear Linda, A few words to let you know my beautiful girl, whom I call Meilla, has settled with me in her own quiet, shy way.

She has a routine of her own choice, is eating well and sleeps with me on the end of our bed – hers and mine.

A lovely friend has built Meilla a very wonderful scratching pole and she does have fun with it. Meilla has her own quiet and cool area under my couch and she calls it a safe place.

We here in Hawkes Bay have had some extremely high temps of 33 & 34 degrees, but the wee girl doesn’t seem to mind. Thank you for sending her vet records. I have put her contact details under my phone numbers but I hope she never goes missing or needs to have her micro-chip checked. Meilla loves sitting on my sewing table in the sun porch and looking at the world go by. I love her to bits and always will. Love Pamela and Meilla. xxx”.

I believe there is a perfect caregiver for every vulnerable animal - regardless of species, breed, appearance, temperament or background. Happily, Meilla and Pamela reinforce my belief and experience. May they enjoy a long relationship…


This attractive, pastel-coloured Tortishell girl is thought to be about three years old.

Being homeless, she has spent the last year of her life frequenting and begging food at a property on the North Shore of Auckland. Sadly, the toddler who lived there pushed, pulled, prodded, chased and yelled at her until she became afraid and unpredictable with him. His mother could see it wasn’t going to work out, so she dropped this nameless cat to a vet clinic - which contacted me.

I askScarlett__Ginger_girl_010ed the vet to give her a thorough check and have now had her double vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated. Happily her blood tests and dental checks showed no cause for alarm.

When I went to the clinic to collect this pretty cat, she continuously purred and affectionately smooched & dribbled her pleasure against my hands. When she had enough love she gave me a gentle warning nip, so I named her Scarlett O’Hara - after the “Gone with the Wind” character who could also be changeable. Scarlett’s fosterer, Beryl, has become very fond of this soft-coated girl and it’s plain to see that a bond of trust has developed between them; although Beryl’s husband gets the odd clawless bat when he outwears his welcome.

ScarletScarlett__Ginger_girl_014t has a nervous nature and it will take time for her to trust her new caregiver. We believe she would best suit a quiet one-person household, unless a second person was also committed to building an unhurried relationship with her.

I’m so looking forward to finding an ideal home for Ms O’Hara where she can have a peaceful future with love, food and care provided in abundance. Please contact me if you think you have the patience and understanding to wait as long as it takes for Scarlett to come out from under your bed or in your wardrobe to seek soft touch and companionship. You will need to live in a traffic-safe area and preferably have no other pets…unless they are very easy-going with visiting felines.

I look forward to your application with thanks.

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