Sophie & Mischief

What a lovely home I found for these two babies. I didn't need to interview their applicants because they already had a very spoiled Animal Re-homing kitty in their family (See Snowball). A perfect ending!


Kittens_Mischief__Sophie_smlWhen I recently spotted these kittens, looking very unwell, at a family outing to the beach on an extremely hot summers day, I approached their caregivers. Fortunately they were responsible enough to admit that they didn’t have the knowledge to look after them - so they surrendered this 6-week-old brother and sister to my care.

I immediately rushed Mischief & Sophie to the vet because they were both lethargic and very hot. Even after fluids for dehydration, antibiotics for the high temperature, flea and worm treatments for obvious infestations, their survival was under question. For the next week they only slept, ate and toileted – no playing, noKittens_Mischief__Sophie_cute2 interest in their surroundings, no purring.

They have now made a great recovery and with their sweet natures and frequent purrs, they will be delightful, playful and affectionate pets for the successful applicant(s).

They have been de-sexed, vaccinated and micro-chipped in readiness for their adoption. Any children will need to be well supervised and at least 7 years old - and your home will need to be on a very quiet street. Thank you.

NOTE: Animal Re-homing does not recommend taking cats or kittens out of their familiar environment unless absolutely necessary.