Baby has found a home.


Kitten_Baby_cute1_smlWhile systematically de-sexing a stray cat colony and returning each cat to the area with feeders in place, a starving 5-week-old kitten with cat flu found his way into the trap. Due to his tender age and his illness, he would not have survived his environment, so I took this tiny boy into my care for rehabilitation and taming and named him Baby.Kitten_Baby_cute2

This dear little man has now fully recovered and purrs heartily when he plays or I hold him against me for a cuddle. He will soon be ready for adoption to very special applicants.

If you have the financial means, the love and the time to give Baby the home he would never have had, please contact me. Baby will be neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped before adoption.

Kitten_Baby_cute3Preference will be given to applicants living in traffic-free areas and any children in the home will need to be well supervised and at least 7 years old. I look forward to hearing from you.

NOTE:If you notice homeless cats in your neighbourhood, please feed, trap & de-sex them. Then continue to feed them until homes can be found or until they die from old age. Please encourage your local pet shops to de-sex the kittens and puppies in their stores. Mandatory de-sexing would go a long way towards stopping the suffering of homeless cats and dogs.