Anna has her dream caregiver. When Jenny told me she had no other pets, was looking for a strictly indoor cat and then met all of my interview criteria, we had a phone chat and I invited her to come over to meet Anna. I warned Jenny that before she arrived, I would put her potential companion into a holding pen because she may run into hiding if I left her free in the house.

 Watching how tenderly Jenny approached Anna through the enclosure door, how softly she spoke, how gently she reached out her hand, how she instinctively knelt down to Anna’s level; I knew this lady was the one for this sweetly timid girl. It wasn’t long before Anna tilted her head into Jenny’s hand to better appreciate the attention and tentatively played with the length of string being offered.

Less than a week later, on Good Friday (Jenny’s birthday), Paul and I took Anna to her new home in Sandringham. How beautifully everything had been prepared for her arrival. A calming Feliway plug had been dispelling its aroma into the settling room since the night before, there were two scratch poles, a litter tray, a soft bed, toys, food and water, a cardboard play-box, cat grass and a slightly open wardrobe door in case she needed a panic bolt-hole.

Anna came out her travelling cage in her own time and nervously began to explore the first room of her home. Unbelievably, she was soon purring and affectionately head-bunting her new mum. As we left the house, an emotional lump caught in my throat as Anna’s little ears and wide eyes popped up at the window and she watched her equally doting foster parents leave. We look forward to visiting her when next we pass through her area.

Jenny has been updating us on the progress of Anna who she describes as “a smoochy and lovely wee soul” who has now explored the lounge, bathroom and master bedroom and “galloped up and down the hallway” after dark. Jenny has promised some photos of Anna when she can get her beautiful girl to stop coming over for cuddles and to keep still for a moment…


Anna_Lana_S8 Anna is a beautiful looking, petite cat who is just over two years old. About a year ago, when she was homeless, this quiet girl was shot in the abdomen with an air rifle bullet which punctured her intestine in seven places, causing internal bleeding. (The photos at the bottom show the entry point and the bullet is clearly visible in her x-ray). Fortunately, the bullet was able to be surgically removed and the intestine expertly repaired. Anna has recovered well, but understandably, she is timid with strangers and prefers to spend most of her time indoors. She is easily bullied by other cats and is afraid of dogs and noisy young children, so she needs an extra-special home.


annaOnce she trusts, Anna is very friendly, leans affectionately into a smooch session and gives the softest of purrs as she raises her hind quarters in pleasure. She enjoys playful interaction with the ones she bonds with - especially if chasing a string is involved. Anna is a true house cat who would best suit a one or two-person household without any other animals. Preference will be given to a home without children unless they are older, well supervised and exceptionally gentle.


The successful applicant will need to keep Anna indoors with litter trays for three months and to be aware that she may not come out of hiding for some time.This slender, green-eyed girl with the caramel eye-liner has been spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms.

 If you are patient and calm, kind and loving and if you live in an area with very little traffic – then I want to hear from you please.

 Like all the animals we foster, this little girl has deeply touched our hearts…so we must find an ideal home for her. Thank you.