Georgie has moved into a family home where she is absolutely cherished.


When the e-mail arrived from the vet clinic, my blood ran cold. Friendly Georgie had georgiebeen given until the end of the week to be rescued or, at her caregiver’s request, she would be put to death. Her crime? She had urinated on the pram of the new human baby. One of the other household cats had already been killed and Georgie was now waiting on death row.

I asked for a stay of execution because all of my fosterers were full. Thankfully the clinic agreed and instead of being put to death, Georgie had a comprehensive health check, was vaccinated, micro-chipped, had her teeth cleaned and was flea and worm treated. She was already spayed. This big girl with the dainty paws and the quiet meow was deemed to be in excellent shape.

georgie2Georgie is now safely with one of my fosterers and is in need of a kind home. Because she wandered in to her last place as a stray cat, we can only estimate that she is about 8 years old. She is healthy, affectionate and very pretty with a ready purr and a good appetite.

Unless there is a medical cause, cats generally urinate inappropriately due to stress. For this reason, I would like a home for Georgie where she is the only child (feline, canine or human). I envisage her being treated as a princess in a relaxed and loving environment.

If you, or someone you know, may be the ideal applicant for Georgie and if you live in a very low traffic area, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

NOTE: The arrival of human babies causes so many healthy cats to be put to death by the people who once adored them. Many steps can be taken to help cats relax, ranging from a plug-in product called Feliway, putting rescue remedy into their drinking water, giving them more loving attention than usual and allowing them a place where they can have some quiet and privacy.

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