Bella, now named Dusty, has found a loving home with a lady who was especially wanting a "blue" feline companion.

In Jo's words, "Dusty's settling in well and adjusting to her name change. She's used to moving around the house now, although she's still inside, and still retreats under a bed if there's any sudden noise. She's very smoochy and woke me up last night purring so loudly… I don’t have any pictures yet as she's been pretty camera shy so far…"



bella3Isabella was homeless when she went begging for food in an Auckland suburban neighbourhood. She is a large, soft, 2-year-old girl whose breed is thought to include Russian Blue. She has a nervous disposition which means she runs from the sound of large truck engines, dogs, boisterous children, thunder storms and vacuum cleaners. And sometimes this pretty cat hides under the bed for no apparent reason at all, so you will not be able to show her off to friends and family for a long while…if ever.


However, in a gentle environment and when she comes to trust her caregivers, Bella bonds strongly and is a total smooch - turning herself upside down in her affection, allowing her tummy to be stroked, playing with lengths of string, purring and rubbing around our feet. Although she gets along OK with younger cats, she can be bossy with adults, so would be best suited as “an only child” in a quiet home. 


Bella is spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and up to date with flea & worm treatments and with her dentistry.


If you have the sensitivity to wait for Bella to adjust to you and your home, if you lead a calm lifestyle and will be vigilant with keeping doors and windows closed for several months, then I would like to hear from you. Bella needs an extra special home where her traumatic past will be understood and catered for. She is a young cat and deserves a long, bright future free of the fear, abuse and  starvation she has experienced in the past.


 I look forward to your applications. Thank you.


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