Rosie has now found a loving home where she is treated like the queen she is.

When Raeburn offered to foster Rosie for me, she had no intention of falling in love with her...but that's exactly what happened. So, much to my delight, Rosie has stayed put.



Rosie's family is moving overseas and they are very sad that they can't take her with them. She is a small, very sweet looking cat - mostly black with a white chest and a small white patch on her head, just above her nose. Rosie is 12-years-old and has been a loved member of her family since the day of her birth.

This little girl is short haired, so although she enjoys it if you have time, she will not need to be brushed. She is a bit timid with strangers, but she is very cuddly and loving with her own family, even sharing gentle "head-butts" with them to show her affection - she also does this with the dogs she considers friends. Rosie likes to spend time both indoors and out, and loves to lie on her family members laps while they watch TV. She is fully house trained, though not used to using a cat door.

Rosie is a very healthy cat, despite being a bit older. She has always been petite, and has never had an illness or injury. She is vaccinated and spayed, and has recently been treated for worms and fleas. Rosie has now been micro-chipped and had one tooth extracted and the others cleaned in readiness for her move into the perfect home we are waiting to be offered to her.

cat3The ideal home for Rosie would be one with no young children, where she can come and go as she pleases. She would, no doubt, prefer a home where she will get lots of attention. Cat-friendly dogs and pet birds would be OK with her around, although she wants to be the only feline in her castle. To the successful applicant, who will patiently wait for Rosie to adjust to her retirement home, she will have lots of love to give.

Please contact me if you live on a quiet street in a quiet household and would like to offer Rosie the home she deserves. Thank you.

UPDATE: I have negotiated professional board for Rosie at $10 per day (including food and anything else she may need). However, we cannot afford this fee. If you are in a position to contribute towards boarding costs, please contact me or click on the donate tab for payment options. Thank you so much.

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