Zoey has found a new home with personal friends of mine, so I am able to visit her and have regular updates on her escapades.

She is enjoying sharing her 15 acre home with three other cats and a peahen and a magnificent collection of roosters who also have loving refuge there.


Now that her family are moving overseas and are unable to take her with them, Zoey is looking for another loving family to adopt her. She is mostly white with orange spots and her tail is striped light and dark orange - like a tiger tail. She is coming up to two years of age, has big yellow eyes and has lived with her family since she was a kitten.


Zoey is a short haired easy-care cat. Although she is a little nervous of strangers, with her own family she is very loving and cuddly. She is happy to be picked up and carried about and loves to snuggle up to them in bed. She runs to meet everyone when they arrive home, and is a real lap cat.

She is spayed, micro-chipped, fully vaccinated and her flea and worm treatments are all up to date. Her teeth are in good shape. Zoey is healthy, but because she loves to eat, her new caregivers will need give her measured amounts of food each day. As long as her pleas for more dinner are ignored, she stays at a healthy weight.

Zoey tolerates and enjoys being around some dogs and cats on an individual basis. Having lived in an adult home, she would best suit a lifestyle with no young children. She loves human company and can get bored and lonely, so it would be great if there is someone around most of the time to interact with her. Zoey has lots of love to give, and whoever adopts her will be well rewarded and showered with affection.

Zoey is house trained, but not yet used to using a cat door. Ultimately she would have the run of the place, inside and out, in a home that that is not on or too near any busy streets.

Please contact me if you are prepared to patiently keep Zoey strictly indoors until trust is well developed. I look forward to your application. Thank you.

zoe  zoe3