I was so relieved when Beryl agreed to foster Lonesome for me.

However, he wasn't there very long. When a visitor came to the house a month later, she was very taken with his friendly nature and his good looks and applied to adopt him.

Soon after Lonesome was enjoying his new life of luxury. He now lives with Genevieve in Russell in the Bay of Islands - where he is enjoying a pampered, companionable life and answers to his new name: Bernie.


A big, handsome cat had been visiting the home of a Erica and Steve for over a year. 


At first he wore a collar and was a picture of health, but because they had cats of their own who were nervous of him they didn’t feed or encourage him.

As the months passed they noticed that his condition was deteriorating and his collar was no longer worn. Then he began crying and pawing continuously at their doors and windows and they realised he had been abandoned or lost for a very long time. They called him Lonesome and when he became thin and dishevelled they began to feed him and discovered he was very affectionate.

lonesome2I was contacted, but all of my foster carers had their homes full of waifs and strays, so I commended this couple for feeding Lonesome as this would help prevent him succumbing to illness as winter approached. Their own cats were afraid to leave the house, so as soon as one of my foster cats was adopted I collected Lonesome.

What a beauty he is with his predominantly white coat with bold black markings and a “cap” or “fringe” framing his face.

This smoochy boy is pretty laid back and would suit most cat-free households - although young children and puppies can be difficult for a displaced adult cat to settle in to.

I have now had Lonesome vet checked, vaccinated, micro-chipped and treated for fleas and worms. He is also neutered.

If you think you are the one to change Lonesome’s name and homeless status, please apply for his adoption. An adult household or one with quiet older children is preferred and, of course, he must live as far away from traffic as possible. Thank you.

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