It was a wonderful day when Roxy's fosterer asked if she could adopt this sweet cat herself. We are so pleased Roxy doesn't have to go through the upheaval of another move...and instead remains a loved member of her household.


When her beloved caregiver was imprisoned, poor Roxy was left in the neighbourhood locked out of the rental property she had called home. After two weeks she had become nervous and jumpy so the landlady was unable to catch her. I was contacted and one of our traps was set inside the garage where Roxy had been hiding and sleeping at night.

Once she was caught I took her for a vet check where she was vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms before being settled into a foster home. Roxy is spayed and her teeth are in great condition.roxy

Roxy is a very pretty and chatty girl who has been used to a lot of attention and affection from her doting caregiver. Ideally she would again be “the apple of the eye” of a single person or a quiet couple.

Because Roxy is nervous, the successful applicant will need to wait for weeks or perhaps months for her to come out of hiding and interact with them.

Roxy now has moments of loving cuddles with her foster mother, but is skittish and panicked when someone new enters the room. It may be that Roxy will always be an “exclusive bonder” – a cat who becomes 100% domesticated with her caregiver(s), but hides from everyone else. We have many such cats sharing our lives and, although we regret not being able to show them off to friends and family, they are lovely companions to us.

Roxy will need to be kept inside with litter trays and with doors and windows closed for a minimum 2-6 month period. Are you the special one to give Roxy a safe haven?

If you live on a quiet street or a very long driveway and if you have the patience to allow Roxy as long as she needs to build a trusting relationship with you, then please contact us. Thank you.




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