When Susan's beloved cat Smoochie passed away, she applied to adopt Madori. Although we were a bit concerned that Madori would have to share her new home with rescued dog Bridie, I invited Susan to come and meet her. As expected, they thoroughly enjoyed one another. 

When I took Madori to Susan's home, the settling-in room contained everything she could possibly need to make her feel welcome. The next day I received the first of many wonderful updates (See below). Since then, Madori and Bridie have become inseparable friends.

"Good morning Linda. Just a quick update on Madori’s first night! She seems to be settling very well. Has been sitting on my knee, purring and kneading, and also basking in the sun by the French doors, rolling around on her back and chasing her ping-pong ball. My daughter was doing her ironing in the room last night whilst watching TV and Madori kept trying to jump on the ironing table, but was sternly discouraged from that!

This morning I went down at 6am, to find the towels on the floor dragged around, and various other things moved, so Madori had obviously been having an overnight play.

maori home

At this moment, she is upstairs exploring the whole area (doors and windows shut), and is full of curiosity as you can imagine. One of the first things she did, was walk into the bathroom and do a big poo in Smoochie’s litter box – so I was surprised and really pleased about that. So far, I haven’t seen her use the downstairs one, but I presume she must have.

Bridie is shut outside, but the two of them spotted each other through the glass door. Fortunately Bridie did not prance or bark, she just lay down and “looked.”  Madori stiffened up and stared long and hard, and then arched her back a little, fluffed her tail, and advanced slowly towards the glass door. Bridie looked most uneasy and turned her head slightly away, and then as Madori continued advancing, Bridie got up and backed off a little!  At least now they are aware of each other.

I will now  bring Madori back downstairs to her room, and give her breakfast.  Having had such a big adventure upstairs, she might settle for a snooze! Well it’s early days, but we seem to be off to a good start, fingers crossed. Thanks again for everything, watch this space for further updates".

maori home2  maori home3


When a compassionate young farmhand learned that his boss was going to drown a very young mother cat and her four kittens, he told him that he would take them all. But sadly the kittens developed cat flu and were put to death at the vet clinic because he couldn’t afford treatment for them. The young man was determined that the mother cat, who he named Madori, would not have any more unwanted kittens – so he approached me for help.madori6

Once Madori was spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, flea & worm treated, I didn’t expect to be involved with her again. However, Madori came into our care a year later when her desperate rescuer found himself homeless and they both had to live in his car.

For six months we have waited while he searched for lodgings. Although we are relieved that he now has somewhere to live, unfortunately it is not suitable for Madori.

This healthy, almost three-year-old girl is an absolute delight – playful, cheeky, mischievous, and kittenish. She has the most endearing quality of purring against our chests and wrapping her paws around our necks whenever we, or our visitors, sit down. She takes this position as though it is her absolute birthright – and who could resist such loving attention and such a deliriously happy, closed-eyed face?

Madori likes to be Queen of her castle, so it would be ideal if she was the only very spoiled, very indulged and very loved fur-child. Don’t expect her to share with other cats or any other non-human animal. She has our energetic dog thoroughly intimidated and most of our foster cats give her a wide berth.

Madori is very human orientated, so expect her to always be running alongside you, helping you to make the bed or watching you clean your teeth from a perch on top of the bathroom cabinet. She will tell you off if you put her down too early or pick her up too soon. She will greet you enthusiastically and roll flirtatiously as you approach her. She is just a lovely little madam who has thoroughly stolen our hearts.

Please apply to adopt Madori if you live in a very traffic safe area and have lots of time for affectionate interaction and endless chest cuddles with her. Thank you.

madori1  madori2

madori3 madori4