Argyle has now been adopted into a lovely home with two gentle children and a sweet dog to play with...


When a man almost ran over this cute and hungry little kitten playing on the street, he contacted us for help. Sadly, his original guardians have not come forward for him.

Named after the road where he was dodging traffic, confident little Argyle is approximately 14-weeks-old. With his silver-grey tabby coat, his spotted belly and his greenish-golden eyes, he is a beautiful looking boy with a big purr and a boisterous, playful nature.

Argyle loves to chase a length of string and other toys and delights in human interaction. He will follow our ankles down the hallway, help us cook meals and purr happily on our chests when we read books. He really enjoys plenty of company, but will also busily entertain himself when we can't be with him.

Please apply for his adoption if you live on a very quiet street and only if your children are old enough to understand that Argyle must be treated with gentleness. An adult couple or individual would be equally suitable for him.

Argyle has been treated for fleas and worms and we have also had him micro-chipped, neutered and vaccinated. When he has had his booster vaccination, he will be ready for adoption. 

I look forward to your application. Thank you.

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