When my Friday volunteer, Katie, met Stevie, it was love at first sight. Her husband quickly came to meet this wonderful cat and they adopted her the very same day. Stevie (aka Waffle-Chops) is thriving in their dedicated care.


When a couple, who spoke very little English, hand-carried a friendly cat into a second-hand shop that raises funds for animals, not much was learned about her history. However, it is thought that Stevie was a stray who had been cared for by the couple - but that they were no longer able to continue feeding her.stevie face

The shop staff in turn carried the pretty cat in their arms to a local vet clinic where she was named Stevie. Then I was contacted and rescued this lovely girl.

Although she is in excellent condition, I have now had Stevie treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Her teeth are in good condition and the vet estimates her age to be 2-4 years.

Stevie is exceptionally friendly, confident and loudly talkative. She enjoys giving affectionate head-bunts and smooching against people and objects. She would suit a home without young children where she gets plenty of petting and playful interaction. If you live in a traffic-safe area and are able to keep Stevie strictly indoors for a few weeks until she settles in, I look forward to your application. Thank you.


NOTE: Please always use a pet carrier when transporting cats. Stevie jumped from the arms of the couple and ran into the shopping centre. Fortunately she was able to be coaxed out from underneath a parked car, thus avoiding homelessness or a traffic injury/death.

 stevie face  chest  stevie at vet  stevie window