Cocoa & Sophie

sophieA cat loving family was thrilled to welcome Cocoa and Sophie into their ideal environment.

When I visited the family to see if they, their location and their property would be suitable, I was not disappointed. And when all the preparations began for the arrival of these gorgeous felines, I knew this would be cat heaven for these aging beauties.

Regardless of the upheaval they have experienced, from the day they moved into their final  retirement home, Sophie and Cocoa have happily settled in.


Cocoa and Sophie have spent five wonderful months in what we all thought would be their retirement home. Sadly, their doting caregiver, Ann, has become very unstable on her feet and is herself going into a retirement village. Ann is very tearful to be losing the feline friends she has come to love. If you are able to offer a safe and quiet home (or foster home) for her furbabies, please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.


The happiness of an upcoming wedding was ironically about to lead to a sad and final ending for these two pretty cats. Cocoa and Sophie’s caregiver was soon to be married, but when she discovered her future husband’s landlord would not allow pets, she booked her beautiful cats in for lethal injections.

On the day of their execution the vet staff asked whether I could save 10-year-old Cocoa and her 9-year-old daughter. I contacted their caregiver who agreed to let me rescue these gentle girls at the last minute. Having no fosterers available I turned to my friend Twink at Purrpetual Boarding Cattery and she kindly accepted the fluffy pair for emergency fostering. Under her tender care they blossomed, gained weight and have grown magnificent winter coats. The curled claw that was painfully growing into the pad of Sophie's paw and causing her to lift it, has now been clipped.

Cocoa has long black hair and Sophie is a long-haired pastel Tortishell. Both are quiet, mild-mannered and friendly cats who mostly stayed in the vicinity of their last home. Sophie is shyer than her mother, but soon purrs when she gets to know people and is petted.

cocoaCocoa and Sophie cannot stay at the cattery and need to be adopted together.

Because they are maturing and naturally shy cats, a quiet and attentive retirement home is sought for them. They would suit a single adult home or one with a quiet couple. 

They are spayed, have been recently vet checked, vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated. So far, they have enjoyed good health all of their lives.

If you live in a traffic-safe area and have room in your heart to bring these lovely cats out of the cattery and into your home, I very much look forward to your application. Thank you.

NOTE: We urge people to treat the animals in their care just as lovingly and as responsibly as they would their human children. Animals should not be killed or re-homed for the sake of convenience.

sophie2   cocoa wall

sophie relaxing