When Bootsie and Cherril met, I knew there was no way I could keep them apart. Cherril had the same gentleness and sensitivity as Bootsie's first mum - and Bootsie clearly thought Cherril was lovely too. After just one day living in her new home, Bootsie was perfectly settled.

And after a couple of months, the heart-warming update below caused me to laugh and cry and to say out loud, "There you are Gaia. How's that? This is just what you envisaged for your beautiful girl when we chatted during the weeks leading to your passing. I swear I heard her whisper "Thank you".

In Cherril's words,
"Bootsie is adorable, adored, treasured & loved to bits…I should add spoilt! We are totally devoted to one another. We have our routine & when she hasn’t followed me & wants to know where I am, she will give her special little cry for me as if to say, "Where are you Mum!"

I am astonished as to how quickly she adjusted. She enjoys all my loving cuddles & seems to lap it up. We even have a little head rubbing routine - she seems to love me rubbing my head on hers. As a pet she just gives & gives and, as I said, I totally adore her.

Thanks for your continued  interest  in Bootsie’s well-being Linda. I don’t believe she could be any happier or more at home. She is just gorgeous!!!"


I was very fortunate to have known a wonderful, sparkling woman named Gaia. We fought for the environment side by side and she was abootsie1 volunteer for Animal Re-homing before she became too ill to continue. Gaia was very aware of her terminal illness and wanted to make sure everything was in place for her beloved Bootsie. With tears running down her cheeks, she asked if I would care for Bootsie when the time came for her to pass to the next world. I assured her that her beautiful girl would be safe with us until an ideal permanent home was found for her.

In the later stages of her illness and with great physical difficulty, Gaia hand-wrote Bootsie’s story, so that her new caregiver would know all about her, how much she was loved and what she would need in her new home. Please CLICK HERE to read Gaia’s heart-breaking words and wishes for her “Bootsie Girl”.

When Gaia went into palliative care I took her many photos of Bootsie in our home - which she had put all around the walls of her room. Days before she died, Gaia reached out for my hand and told me she was no longer fretting for Bootsie because she knew she was loved and that I would find her “just the right home”. Although we both wept, we knew it was absolutely true.

Soft coated, soft natured Bootsie has been with us several months and it is only now that I feel emotionally able to seek the home Gaia has asked for. Please read Gaia’s last act of love for her girl and see whether you meet the “certain things” that she has set as conditions of Bootsie’ s adoption.

Bootsie is spayed, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated and has recently had her dentistry completed.

She is a gentle and quiet cat who quickly purrs and loves nothing more than to be held in arms, cuddled on a lap or chest and fussed over. She is a cat who must be allowed to share her caregiver’s bed at night and to be treated like a princess for the rest of her life.

I took the photograph below of Gaia with her Bootsie on the day I went to collect this lovely cat. Gaia told me to use this last photograph of them together in whatever way would help to find her an ideal home. I hope this is the way.

I await the special application of the one Gaia would have chosen for Bootsie…

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