Wonderful news! Kitty's family was able to move back into their original home and their lives are beginning to settle. They are absolutely delighted that Kitty is able to remain with them until she passes to the next world.

Many thanks to those of you who enquired after Kitty's welfare and applied for her adoption. She has found her retirement home with the people who know and love her best!



Because Kitty’s heart-wrenched family are between homes and in an unstable lifestyle, they have asked me to find an ideal home for their senior kitty 1citizen cat.

This eighteen-year-old cat has a loud meow and still likes to play and to steal the leftovers from cereal bowls. She does a lot of sleeping these days, but she also likes to chase strings and toss objects into the air.

She particularly enjoys knocking pens off tables and exploring newspaper tepee shapes. Kitty likes to sleep on human beds and to have her tummy rubbed (when she’s in the mood). If she is being ignored when she wants attention, she may bite your toes. Kitty is wary of other cats since being attacked by one recently, but would be fine with a cat-friendly dog.

If you can offer this dear senior citizen a kind, warm, safe retirement home and are happy to always have a litter tray indoors, I look forward to your application.

Kitty has just moved from Auckland to Bulls, but unfortunately, she may soon be on the move again.

NOTE: Kitty will need an extensive vet check, blood tests and possible dentistry, etc before her adoption. Please click here to help us with these costs.

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