kira-face Lucky Kira has been adopted by my personal friends, so I know what a wonderful life she has with this loving family of five.

In the words of her new mum, Lisa says, “Kira seems to have taken everything in her stride. She doesn't run away from the kids and she purrs as soon as she is patted. She has fitted in so well and we love her to bits”.

One of the children, Josh, is pictured below with his delightful new friend.

kira--josh kira--josh1  



kira-faceKira is a friendly, confident, purring, patched Tortishell cat who was rescued from underneath a school building when she was heavily pregnant. A compassionate staff member could not ignore her cries of hunger and began to feed her before taking her home to birth her litter of four kittens. See the picture below of heavily pregnant Kira relaxing on the wooden floor. (Her kittens have all been adopted).

The vet thinks Kira is a young cat, under 2 years, even though her front teeth are missing top and bottom. It’s most likely she was kicked in the face or hit by a car. This doesn’t stop her having a great appetite, so her new caregivers will need to monitor her food intake to avoid obesity.

Kira enjoys human company and is sociable with visitors, although she can be bossy with other cats if they don’t stand their ground. She is energetic, playful and quick on her feet. She likes time indoors and, given the chance, she will sleep on the beds of her caregivers.

kira-in-garage1Kira is a fun-loving girl who makes the most of life and rolls flirtatiously onto her back when happily interacting with people. She is a pretty cat with a very smooth, short coat who runs like a bullet, climbs trees and doesn’t stray far from the property. She is fully toilet-trained and looking for a big-hearted family who will spend time petting her and indulging her every need.

Kira is spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated and her dentistry is up to date.

If you live in a traffic-safe area and have lots of time and love to give this sweet natured girl, please let me know. Thank you.

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