Sylvester & Rocky

As soon as the thoughtful responses to my interview questions came back, I knew a loving home was being offered for Sylvester and Rocky. When I went to do the property check I was delighted that the house was off a quiet street and at the very end of a long driveway with a large bush and tree-clad garden.

Each member of the family was excited at the prospect of adopting the kittens and preparations were already underway for their arrival with cat trees purchased and elaborate toys made. On condition that the two resident dogs accepted them, I was very happy with this home.

After careful introductions and constant supervision during the next month, we all felt confident that the kittens were welcomed, albeit with some intense curiosity, by their canine counterparts.

Sylveater and Rocky will never know neglect or abuse again. In this home and family, they have been given the future they always deserved.


The kittens we have named Sylvester and Rocky weren’t always the happy, healthy, bouncy babies they are today.

When I received the e-mail below, I knew time was of the essence.

“Hi Linda. My neighbour has a litter of kittens, which are very thin. Two have already died and I am very concerned about  them and their care.  They have started turning up on my doorstep crying for food. I am wondering if you could take them. If nothing is done I am sure they will die one by one. I would love to see them out of this situation”.

I phoned and listened to the all-too-familiar tale of tiny, starving kittens stumbling onto the road amongst traffic, being continuously handled, carried and bounced on the trampoline by unsupervised children. Tragically, the friendliest and smallest kitten was drowned in a paddling pool by a two-year-old.

I asked this kind woman to bring the remaining kittens to me immediately, but her neighbour would only allow her to rescue two of them. At the vet, we discovered that Sylvester and Rocky were fading, malnourished and suffering with flea-induced anaemia, which can be lethal if left untreated. Ulcers on their tongues indicated that they had survived cat flu. They were treated for fleas and worms and did nothing but sleep, eat and toilet for the next four days. I counted over 450 dead fleas on their bedding the morning after their rescue.


Now these gorgeous, chubby-bellied brothers are in great condition, playful and affectionate. They have had a second worm treatment, their first vaccination and have just been de-sexed and micro-chipped.

Sylvester is pristine black & white and is a smoochy little boy who likes to curl up on a lap or be cradled in arms tummy-up and gently rocked. Rocky is a friendly grey tabby with white markings and is a robust explorer who plays until he wears himself out.

If you can offer them the home they have always deserved, I would love to hear from you. You will need to live on a very quiet street (or at the end of a very long driveway) and your youngest child must be at least six years old. It would be great if these siblings could be adopted together, but separate homes will also be considered. I look forward to your application. Thank you.

NOTE: The kind lady went back home armed with food, flea and worm treatments which she administered to the remaining kittens and their thin mother. A week later the mother cat was de-sexed and we discovered that she had been in the early stages of yet another pregnancy. She and her kittens are now doing well under this lady’s watchful eye. Please let me know if you can provide a back-up home or foster care for them because I am sure they too will be relinquished to me when the novelty wears off.

sylvester-with-wheel sylvester--rocky-in-bed
rocky-in-bed rocky--string
sylvester-in-arms rocky-torso