After all that she has been through we have come to believe that Phoenix could not tolerate the stress of another move. She has finally learned to trust us and will often sit on my lap while I work at the computer. She has times of deep affection when she gently purrs and gives me loving headbunts.

We have decided to give dear Phoenix her happy ending with us.


Phoenix has spent her 8 years in a home where she has been persistently abused by a man suffering mental health issues. Among other cruelties, she has suffered being shot with a pellet gun, continuously having objects thrown at her and clothing flung over her. She has also been pestered relentlessly when she has tried to sleep.

When it was suggested that Phoenix should be put down, another family member contacted us for help. This woefully mistreated girl is now in our office where she can begin to chill out after her horrible experiences.

All of these long-standing abuses have taken their toll, so Phoenix will need an exceptionally special home.


She will currently attack hands that come near her, is fearful of blankets or cloths being moved around her and will sometimes tackle passing ankles. The family member says that Phoenix has times of being very loving and particularly likes having her head petted – especially between her ears. We have found this to be true – but without any warning signs, she can quickly switch to scratch and hold mode.

Thankfully we have never known her to bite.

Phoenix needs a home where there are no other pets and where her new caregivers will provide her with nourishment, a litter tray and warm shelter -  and just allow her to be. Nothing else. Just to be untouched, allowed to sleep and move about without being chased for affection, without expectations of her ever becoming a cuddly, predictable, loving companion. They would be providing a safe haven for a cat who may thank them with her scratches, rather than with her purrs.


Are there such people out there? People without children, people with hearts big enough that their need for gratification from a pet can be shelved in preference to making the life of a previously abused animal as stress-free and as unconditional as possible. If so, they are gems and it will be a privilege to receive their applications.

Phoenix is spayed and micro-chipped and is up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

Many thanks to Wendy, Eyal, Fiona, Sally, Jude and Geoff for their kind contributions when, to save her life, we initially had Phoenix staying at a boarding cattery.

phoenix1-faith-m phoenix-watchful-faith-m phoenix-stretching-faith-m