Lucy, Bailey, Coco & Maggie-May


Our kind fosterer fell in love with Lucy and Maggie-May and and asked if she could adopt them - what a lovely outome! Bailey and Coco have been adopted together and are absolutely adored in their new home.

Thank you to everyone who showed interest in or made applications for any of these beautiful family members.


An octogenarian contacted me when she discovered that a stray cat had birthed late season kittens under her house while she was away on holiday.

One of my large holding pens was set up on her deck in the hope that the queen would bring her babies into the warm bed offered. On a cold wet night, she did just that and the dear old lady, in her bare feet and pyjamas, tip-toed through the pitch darkness and quietly closed the door behind them in the small hours. 

The mother cat, now named Lucy, and her babies are beginning to settle in to foster care and are in excellent health. The bravest is Coco, a playful black girl with a hint of chocolate in her coat. Her precious brother, Bailey, is a gorgeous champagne colour and their earnest-faced little sister, Maggie-May is a pretty Tortishell.

They have all been vet checked, treated for fleas and worms and have had their first vaccinations.

It would be lovely if some of them could stay together to give them confidence in their new homes - but we will separate them if required.


These four cuties are beginning to enjoy human touch now and we had our first purr from Coco a few days ago. An adult home or one with gentle children from about 9 years will be suitable - especially if the property is on a very quiet street or a very long driveway.

Successful applicants will need to be prepared to keep these cats strictly indoors with litter trays for a minimum of six weeks.

They are all learning that humans can be kind – but are still shy of us at this stage. The kittens are about 12-weeks-old and, like their young multi-coloured mum, will be ready for adoption when they have gained more confidence and have been de-sexed and micro-chipped.

Applications for Coco, Bailey and Maggie-May and for their timid mother, Lucy, are very welcome. Adoption criteria applies.

bailey.-kitten-of-lucy bailey
coco.-kitten-of-lucy lucy-face
coco lucy