Just over two weeks ago I was alerted to a population of around 40 homeless cats in suburban Auckland.

Fortunately a kind woman has kept these strays in good health by providing food for them over the years. She managed to tame and de-sex four of them, but due to their timidity and her financial restraints, the other cats continued to breed. Sadly, she has recently been made redundant - so feeding them is difficult for her now.

I am systematically identifying, naming, de-sexing, micro-chipping and worming each of the cats as they are vet checked. Their left ears are surgically cropped to identify them as part of a neutered, fed, loved and monitored cat colony…for the length of their natural lifespans.


This internationally practised method of humanely managing stray cats is termed TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return). After this intensive de-sexing programme is complete, the colony population gradually decreases over the years - as cats die natural deaths and the tamer ones are adopted into loving homes.

Thankfully, none of the cats I have trapped so far has needed dentistry or major surgery and no kittens have yet been birthed. However, 15 of the 22 females were in the early stages of pregnancy, one little girl had an infected uterus (which would have taken her life), two of the males each had a retained testicle, one needed his long matted coat groomed and I have had blood panels done for two of the older cats. Unfortunately these conditions and tests add cost to the vet bill which has now reached more than $5,000.


The de-sexed cats are temporarily housed in the three bedrooms of their kind feeder, so that they can be monitored and assessed for adoption while they recover. This also gives the more nervous and less dominant cats an opportunity to come out of hiding to eat and be trapped. There appear to be three male cats still to be de-sexed. Their feeder has generously moved out of her bedroom and sleeps on a sofa in her lounge so that we can keep the de-sexed colony members securely indoors in the interim.

In addition to the huge vet bill, we would appreciate donations of cat food, kitty litter, large litter trays, Feliway plugs, SPCA cat traps, ground covers, bedding and petrol vouchers. It would be wonderful if food and litter could be provided on an on-going basis. It would also be very special if enough funds could be raised to professionally clean this dear lady’s carpets once all of the cats have been treated.

My deep gratitude to you for helping me with the burden of cost. It’s exhausting, unpaid and time-consuming labour…but when other people care enough to be part of the rescue team, their help enables me to continue. Thank you so much in anticipation of your assistance.

To make an urgent donation, please click here.

To offer cat food or other items, please send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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