cinderella-faceCinderella has been adopted into an ideal home.

Beautiful Cinderella came to us from a neglectful home where one of her littermates was drowned in the paddle pool by an unsupervised toddler. At 12 weeks of age she was malnourished, full of fleas and worms and had severe infections of her eyes and digestive system (see photo of her wrapped in a blue blanket).

With intensive care and attention she blossomed into the beautiful, healthy cat she is today. She has now been spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated and is ready to find her home. She has been with us a long time, so we are very attached to her quiet, gentle and affectionate nature – and are seeking ideal caregivers for her.

Initially shy with strangers, this petite, dark Tortishell girl soon warms to them with treats and string chasing games. She would suit a calm adult home or one with older, respectful children. Sharing your attention with a cat-friendly dog or an accepting cat would also be fine. Please apply for Cinderella’s adoption if you live in a low traffic area and are able to offer her the loving home she missed out on as a youngster. Thank you.

Please direct your applications of interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

cinderella-in-ceiling-bed cinderella-sick cinderella-on-climbing-frame
cinderella--chico-in-bed cinderella-blue-backgroun cinderella-in-the-office
cinderella-chilling-out cinderella-playing