Sweetie Pie & Blackie Black


Finally the ideal home has been offered for these beautiful young cats. Amy and Shannon's interview responses ticked all the boxes and when I phoned them, I knew they were the ones.

When we arrived at their home, a special room had been set up for Sweetie & Blackie, complete with a climbing tower, litter trays, a Feliway plug, toys, a scratch pole, food and water - and they had thoughtfully created places for them to hide.

Thesee siblings had a long wait, but finally they have their very own loving caregivers.


When an extremely timid, homeless cat birthed her kittens in West Auckland, everyone knew it was the beginning of another hungry stray cat population. They were all trapped and the kittens were cared for until they were big enough to be de-sexed and adopted. The mother was spayed and returned to the environment she knew...with a kind resident feeding her for the rest of her life.

Her kittens have been living indoors with us ever since and are now beautiful, healthy, affectionate young cats. They will be three years old in November and have been de-sexed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas. They have good appetites and are expert at using their litter trays.

sweetiepie1 blackieblack1Much as we delight in their playfulness and their spontaneous displays of love, we need to make space for incoming rescue animals; so Blackie Black and his sister Sweetie Pie are ready for the right home.

Because they are extremely shy with strangers and new situations, they must be adopted together so that they have a sense of security as they settle in to their new home.


Blackie Black is, of course, pure black. He is a gentle, quiet, affectionate and muscular boy who will develop into a relaxed, laid-back young man in the right environment. Sweetie Pie is a dark blended Tortishell who is petite and busy. She is the more timid of the two, so her new caregiver(s) will need to be patient to experience her playful and smoochy nature...and her lovely purr.

If you live in a calm household on a cul-de-sac, a quiet street or at the end of a very long driveway - and if there are no cat-chasing dogs in your area, I look forward to your applications. 

Applications will also be considered for Sweetie and Blackie to live strictly indoors, but only if we are satisfied that you can make your home escape proof.

Whoever adopts these babies needs to be prepared to wait, perhaps for many months, for these two to trust them. Once they do, they are both very loving lap cats who come running when their names are called. I look forward to just the right people coming forward for them. Thank you.