jellybean_heThe excitement leading up to the adoption of this gorgeous kitten was almost unbearable for the two young brothers who came to meet her when she was too small to leave my care. Seb especially bonded with her at first meeting. However, the boys busied themselves making toys, giving her a name and coming back for another visit.

Finally the big day arrived and I took Jellybean to her new home - which has a cat paradise kind of a garden. Mum, Dad, the two boys and one of their friend’s made up the welcoming party. Everything was laid out in preparation for Jellybean’s arrival and a Feliway plug was burning to help lessen the stress of the move. Sunburn protection cream had been purchased from a vet, a lovely scratch pole provided and the children were told that Jellybean would need time to rest between play sessions. Jellybean explored the introductory room between being petted and playing with toys and strings.

I left there knowing that this little girl was absolutely adored and would not have time to miss her siblings with all the attention being lavished on her. An e-mail arrived a couple of days later saying, “Hello Linda, just to let you know Jellybean is settling in really well with us. She really does like the company of the boys and loves to sleep on Seb's lap. Jellybean mainly stays downstairs but has ventured upstairs to have a look around. She really is a delight and I want to thank you for doing such an amazing job of bringing her up. Many thanks. Katie.”


When a stray cat brought her litter of six pure white kittens to his office building in Auckland, the kind man gathered them up and delivered them to a vet clinic. Sadly, he has been unable to capture the mother to have her de-sexed. The clinic contacted me for help to find loving homes for three of these pure white babies. They are gracing my guest room beautifully and actively.

The only male is totally deaf, so I am looking for a particularly special home for him – perhaps as a strictly indoor apartment cat - with or without one of his sisters for company. Due to their colouring, the kittens will all be more susceptible to skin cancer than other cats, so it would be ideal if the little girls also spend the majority of their time inside.


These purring bundles will have had their first vaccinations and been flea & worm treated, de-sexed and micro-chipped before their adoptions. They are eating well, are affectionate, very playful and expert at using their litter trays already.

Please come forward if you live on a very quiet street or a very long driveway and if have time, love and money to spend caring for a kitten...or two. Any children in the household would need to be gentle, supervised and at least 7 years old. Thank you.