Puffin has been adopted into a perfect home.


A handsome Tomcat had been living rough, stealing food from bench-tops and other cats’ bowls and spraying his urine in neighbourhood puffin-fat-cheeks porches. After putting up with this for over a year, squirting him with a hose, yelling at him and throwing objects at him; one family lost patience, trapped him and his fate was sealed. Described as a nameless wild cat, he was dropped off to a vet clinic for a lethal injection.

Monique, an Animal Re-homing supporter, heard about this and asked the clinic to contact us. At our request, he was named Puffin (due to his fat cheeks) and, instead of killing him, the vet neutered, micro-chipped, flea and wormed him and gave him a dental treatment. Then Puffin came to our shelter to be tamed.

When we put him in a big recovery crate in the middle of our lounge, we expected a long and intensive taming schedule to follow. However, this boy with the thin, wiry body, scratched-up face and earnest eyes was soon looking for love. And more love. And much, much more love.

Puffin is a very busy, interactive and cheeky boy who needs caregivers who will find his constant craving for cuddles endearing – rather than annoying. They will think it ever-so-cute when he kneads with his paws and wetly suckles their bare skin while ecstatically laying in their laps and arms. They will accept that he wants to be part of whatever they are doing – be it chopping vegetables on the bench-top, 008 eating at the table, going to the loo or sweeping the floor. They will have to put him somewhere else when they eat their own meals. And they will need to hide all food behind closed doors or it will be eaten in a flash. Puffin may never overcome his fear of going hungry again, and it’s likely he will always gulp his meals down and look for more.

This jealous boy loves to be the centre of attention. He will fearlessly attack dogs, so cannot live with them…and he will want to monopolise you – so it’s better he doesn’t live with cats or children either. When he is unexpectedly picked up, he lets out a tiny squeak of surprise before relaxing into cuddle mode. This is one of his unique idiosyncrasies.

If you think you are the one for this loving, quirky, sweet and sometimes timid boy, please apply for his adoption. We are running out of volunteers to give him all the attention he needs and deserves…after his past life of neglect and loneliness.

NOTE: Please be kind to homeless cats in your neighbourhood. Try to find their original caregivers. Put out food and water for them, have them neutered and micro-chipped, provide shelter and bedding and, if their caregiver can’t be found, adopt or feed them for the rest of their lives. Tell your neighbours there is a community cat in the neighbourhood so that everyone protects him.

puffin-face-profile puffin-on-bench puffin-on-stereo
puffin-siting puffin-on-coffee-table
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