Topsy & Turvy


Topsy and Turvy have found a home - more details coming soon...



Topsy and Turvy

I was contacted in February, when these lovely 14-month-old sister cats were abandoned in an Auckland city apartment building along with a Bichon Fris dog. Fortunately the landlord found them within two days. See media article click here...

Topsy and Turvy

Because they have lived in confinement until now, the successful applicant would need to be prepared to settle these cats into one room at first and gradually open up the rest of the house to them over a number of weeks. Ideally their introduction to the great outdoors would not take place until about 3 months had passed. At first, litter trays would need to be generously placed. Both cats are affectionate and full of purrs when they get to know and interact with new people. They would suit a quiet, pet-free, adult home or one with gentle older children.

Topsy and Turvy have now been vet checked, spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, nail-clipped, flea and worm treated. Their anal glands have been emptied and their teeth are in good condition. They are now ready for their permanent home.

If you are able to offer these sweet natured girls a loving, patient, stress-free home and if you live in a street with low traffic volume, I welcome your application. Topsy and Turvy are currently staying at a boarding cattery and after such upheaval, they deserve a very happy future.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.