Senior Cat Cleo has found a home.


When Great Aunty Mavis passed away two weeks ago, her beloved tabby cat, Cleo, was mentioned at her funeral and in the obituaries. They were a closely bonded pair and now Cleo is left without anyone to care for her. No-one in Mavis's extended family or their circle of friends has a suitable situation for this lovely cat who has only known the lady who cared for her since she was a little kitten 12-13 years ago.

Cleo has been living alone at Mavis's property the past 3 weeks, coming and going through the cat door with a kind neighbour feeding her each day.

She has been used to a very quiet life, so I am looking for a similar situation for her on a street without much traffic. It would be ideal if a calm couple or a single person comes forward to adopt her. Mavis's house is about to go on the market, so an understanding home is sought before the property maintenance and spring clean begins.

Applicants would need to be prepared for Cleo to be mourning the loss of her companion and to be afraid of new situations. They would also need to patiently wait for Cleo to bond with them in her own time while she is kept strictly indoors for a settling period of about 4 weeks. I look forward to securing a happy retirement for this dear cat. Please contact me if you think you may be able to meet Cleo's needs at this sad time...