The Fluffy Bunch

fluffybunch_heA beautiful colony of 7 young cats/kittens have all found lovely new homes thanks to the support and hard work of a young woman called Josy.









For several months, a compassionate young woman has been feeding a colony of homeless cats in her neighbourhood.

When she noticed half grown kittens were appearing she asked for my help to capture all 7 cats/kittens to have them de-sexed and re-homed.

Animal Re-homing has been working alongside Josy to stop the breeding cycle and to ensure that the cats have all been vet checked, vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated and had dentistry carried out if required.

The house Josy is renting is now on the market and there is no-one willing to continue feeding the cats, so homes must urgently be found for them.

Two beautiful males, Zoro and Ginger, are already friendly enough to be separately adopted while Josy continues to tame the others. With two cats of her own and her lounge full of colony cats in crates, we are hoping suitable homes will be offered in the next few days.

Zoro is a gorgeous big black and white boy who is full of purrs and who regularly rolls onto his back to express his joy at being treated so lovingly. He is estimated to be 3-4 years and has just had his teeth cleaned in readiness for his adoption. The scab on his nose is healing well.

Ginger is also a big handsome boy who is estimated to be about 2 years old. Although he is a little more reserved than Zoro, he loves full body strokes which cause him to raise his haunches in pleasure. Ginger has also had his teeth de-scaled and polished.

If you live on a safe street or a long driveway and have a quiet household, please consider offering Zoro or Ginger a lovely home of their own. You will need patience while waiting for their trust to develop and they will need to be kept strictly indoors for 2-3 months.

If you would like the rewarding experience of adopting and taming one of the other previously untouched cats/kittens (such as 9-month-old Tabby kitten Aroha pictured) or if you are in a position to foster and tame one of the other cats for me, please also make contact. Every assistance will be given.

I look forward to your applications with thanks.