choccy_heWhen the mature purebred Burmese named Choccy was newly diagnosed with diabetes, her caregiver's lifestyle meant she was unable to give the injections within the essential time frames. She thought euthanasia was the only option until I was consulted to see if an exceptional home was available.

I'm delighted to report that I have re-homed Choccy to a small, private sanctuary that has been set up for chronically ill, old or unwanted animals. Caroline, who runs the sanctuary, specialises in cats and has had past experience with feline diabetes, so she offered Choccy a superb home.


In Caroline's words, "Choccy is still finding her feet, but has endeared herself to us with her cheeky attitude and quiet purr!

She has a few other health problems alongside the diabetes, but can still play hard, sleep in the most comfortable places and eat well (even though she is no longer allowed fattening treats!).

She also loves to follow us around, waiting for her favourite piece of string to appear or to have a little cuddle!"