Ginger The first thing Patricia did when she adopted this beautiful cat was change her name to Honey.

It was a lovely coincidence that Honey went from the arms of her almost 80-year-old caregiver to the arms of a lady exactly the same age to the month. The three of us helped to settle Honey into her new home on Auckland's North Shore. The family will return Honey to me or adopt her if, by chance, she should outlive her caregiver.

Patricia speaks very enthusiastically of her new cat - even though she wet on Pat's bed twice during the early days. Below are a few words from Patricia about her new companion.

"Honey settled in quite quickly after finding several places to call her own. She had no trouble with the cat door and has a little walk outside two or three times a day. She is mostly an indoor cat and sleeps a lot. She is, as her name suggests, - a honey".


A dear lady approaching 80 years does not want the responsibility of the lovely stray cat who has adopted her for the past couple of months. Anne noticed Ginge living rough about 2 years ago when this petite cat was scrounging food from caring neighbours.


When the neighbours moved, Ginge came begging at Anne's door. Unable to watch this pretty ginger & white cat starve, Anne has kindly put food out for her and allowed her to sleep on a pillow in a plastic container on her doorstep. Ginge seeks attention and would desperately love the luxury of sleeping indoors at night – preferably on a human bed. Anne approached me so that a caring, permanent home can be found for little Ginge.

When I took her to the vet to be vaccinated, micro-chipped and flea and worm treated, we discovered that her teeth are in good condition and the vet estimated that Ginge is probably spayed and is about four years old.

Although she was a little shy with me at first, Ginge soon showed her affectionate nature. Of course, she allows Anne to pick her up and pet her as often as she will do so…and has a loud and persistent purr.

Because Ginge has been used to a quiet life with Anne as her temporary guardian, I would like her forever home to also be fairly quiet. If you are able to offer Ginge a home that is safe from young children, cat chasing dogs and traffic, please get in touch with me. Although Ginge will initially be afraid of her new circumstances, and will need to be kept strictly indoors for awhile, she will blossom into a lovely pet in the right hands…especially if she is allowed to flop on your bed from time to time.