snow_he I'm so delighted that Snow has been adopted into a doting family of four adults. Below are some comments from Tania, one of his gentle family members.

Snow has settled very well we think, his tail is up all the time, he plays with his little toy like a kitten when he runs across the rooms chasing it, it sounds like a child running! It's special how he purrs every time we come back home. In the mornings when we wake up and come into the room, he immediately lies down and stretches while we pet him - sometimes he rolls over as well.

He follows us around a lot and wants to know everything that is happening, while talking to us along the way. A couple of days ago, he got his new tag with his name, phone number and address. I want to get him a night-visible collar before we introduce him to the outside, but there's still time for that. I have sent you a few beautiful photos of him, hope you enjoy them! He's a true blessing!


Pure white Snow was wearing a blue flea collar when he turned up at a stray cat colony 2 years ago. The compassionate colony managers included him in their feeding programme, but were unable to capture him on the occasions he arrived for a meal. He lived his life in the shopping centre and took refuge within a pile of concrete rubble at night. The wires sticking out of the debris scratched & scarred his lovely face and his emaciated body.


When excavations that would demolish his "home" were imminent, a trap was set and Snow was finally caught and taken to a local vet clinic. True to his breed, which is known as odd-eyed white, he has one green and one blue eye.


The clinic remembered someone looking for a cat who fitted his description two years previous and made contact with Snow's long lost caregivers.

Sadly, they had no interest in seeing him or taking him back into their home and heart. He was battered and scratched, scarred and thin and was not making it as a cat living rough. I was contacted.

Snow has now been neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated and has lived in our home since mid October.


The before and after photos show how well his facial injuries are healing.

Snow is estimated to be about 3 years old and his teeth are in good condition. Now that he is well on his way to being rehabilitated, has gained some weight and has learned to trust again, I am looking for a wonderful home for him where he will never know suffering again. Because the outdoors has been so hard on him, an indoor lifestyle would not be out of the question for Snow, while offering him protection from the possibility of skin cancer that can affect the noses or ears of white cats. Do apply if you think your indoor or outdoor lifestyle may be ideal for him.


Snow has become very affectionate and chatty, follows us around, enjoys sitting on our laps to watch telly, and being held in our arms. He is extremely jealous of the other foster animals in our home, so he would suit being the only much-loved fur child in the household.

Please apply if you are able to offer this affectionate boy a home that is safe from cat chasing dogs, traffic and young children. Thank you.