Billy & Zac

Billy and Zac The day I introduced Lia and her mother Susanne to the sibling kittens Billy and Zac, Lia's little face looked as though it would burst with joy. For the next week their home was a flurry of preparation, toy making and excited sleepless nights. After the kittens were adopted, I received a stream of beautiful updates including these sweet words from little Lia:Billy and Zac

"Zac and Billy have settled in nicely and are investigating everything. They are the most adorable cats in the Galaxy and I think they are the most precious things in the world. They are the most perfect little things on earth but now they are starting to get cheeky.

They get a few trips out onto the balcony every once in a while. Me and my best friend Sydney have decided that we want to grow up to be just like you because you are so awesome and cool and friendly and nice and kind to everyone and you really make a difference. So thank you for letting us adopt Zac and Billy."

- Lia and Susanne


A stray mother cat, who has now been spayed and returned to a well managed colony, birthed three gorgeous kittens before we were able to capture her.

Once in our care, the kittens have thrived. They are about 10 weeks old now, are totally domesticated and expert at using a litter tray.

The little female has just been adopted and her two cute brothers are now ready for their new home too. They purr as soon as I approach them and are full of playful interaction.

Billy and Zac Billy and Zac

Billy is short haired and black & white, while Zac is medium haired and grey & white.

Although it would be lovely if they could be adopted together, I am open to separate inquiries for them. Billy and Zac have both been neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms in readiness for their adoptions.

If you have a home which is safe from cat-chasing dogs, children under 7 years and traffic risk, I very much look forward to your application. Conditions apply.

Thank you.