ScratchScratch finally has a pampered retirement home. And he soon grew into his new name - Archie!

I was so excited when I received these words with Jessie's application for him:

"Hello, I am very interested in this beautiful wee man. I am looking to give a senior cat a nice warm indoor environment with plenty of cuddles, love and joy. Look forward to hearing from you, Jessie."

It wasn't long before these sweet souls met one another and the love affair began. The photo below shows Archie close to his new caregiver's shoulder on the morning after his adoption. Below are a few words from Jessie.

"Just to let you know Archie has settled incredibly well - he spent the entire night on my bed and purred and rolled over for some tummy rubbing! I see what you mean about eating food around him, he certainly wants in on it! Thank you so much for allowing me to have Archie in my life, I can't wait to get to know him more".

After a change of residence, the lovely updates continued to make my heart sing.

"Just to let you know Archie is well and happy and enjoying his life. He certainly has grown in confidence over the time he has been with me. He follows me out in the paddocks (10 acre farm) when I am down there, filling water troughs or tending to my horse. We have a lovely relationship, and snuggle every single night together in my bed. He seems to enjoy waking me in the mornings to demand his breakfast! I think he enjoys having space to roam and is always waiting for me on the door step when I arrive home. He quite often has an 'attack of the crazies' and flies around the house, chasing after his toys or attacking random articles, (like a measuring tape)…really showing his kitten side. He certainly is having a good life!

ScratchHe has learnt the funniest party trick. I have a light switch next to my bed and he stands up on his back legs and uses his front legs to paw at the wall. Most mornings he manages to turn the light on between 5am - 6.30am, saying 'Please mummy, you've been asleep for hours and now I am hungry!' Delightful!

Archie is loving being able to go outside in the day, and has gotten braver and braver every week - he will tolerate the dogs that live in this new place coming up and touching noses with him. It's amazing to see. He follows me down to the stables to see my horse and he truly is the love of my life. It's really nice to share my life with him - there is nothing nicer than coming home to him. "

If only all homeless cats could be rescued by caring people, rehabilitated and patiently integrated into a loving home. Long may Archie and Jessie be together...  

scratch-happy-new-home scratch-new-home scratch-sitting-new-home




In March, Scratch came into our care as a sweet natured stray Tomcat with a scratched up face. He was battle worn, bone-thin, filthy, covered in fleas and lice, with a lump on his lip, ulcers in his mouth, broken teeth and weak hind legs. He would not have survived much longer.

The first vet to see Scratch pressured his rescuer to have him killed because he said the cat was bound to be FIV positive, the lump bound to be malignant and because he prefers to kill homeless cats.

Instead, one of my vets neutered him, removed the non-malignant lump and blood tests revealed he did not have FIV. X-rays indicate that a severe impact to his spine has caused some hind leg weakness - so he'll never be a jumping champion, but has no difficulty leaping onto human beds and couches.


The X-rays also showed extensive scar tissue on his lungs, so the poor fellow has suffered severe flu symptoms in his lifetime. He is now micro-chipped and fully vaccinated and has regularly been treated for fleas, lice and worms. He has also had four teeth extracted and had his teeth de-scaled and polished. A faeces sample indicated that he has a sensitive digestive system so he thrives on a low residue, prescription diet.

Because Scratch has had a time of extreme hardship, his age is unknown - but he is estimated to be in his senior years and I am determined that he has a very happy retirement. 

scratch-on-bed scratch-in-grass
scratch-tummy-tickle scratch-early-days

Now that he is in great condition, Scratch is ready for a particularly special and loving home. He is a very affectionate boy who would like to be the only child in a home where he gets plenty of petting and comfort. Having suffered a gruelling outdoor existence, he must be allowed indoor access - perhaps even as a fully indoor cat.

If you are able to offer Scratch an adult home which is safe from traffic and roaming dogs, please apply for his adoption.

The upper photos show his original condition. The pictures below were taken more recently. Thank you.

NOTE 1: If you are not happy, confident or comfortable with the recommendation of a veterinarian, please seek a second opinion at another clinic. Not all veterinarians are equal in their compassion or philosophy.

NOTE 2: If you suspect a cat may be FIV positive, in addition to a snap test at a vet clinic, ask to have a more conclusive PCR test done at an outside laboratory - especially if a positive result is indicated. Ideally all vets and shelters would choose a PCR test at the outset. 

scratch-cuddles scratch-flirting
scratch-on-lap scratch-recovering