I'm happy to report that Turbo was adopted into a home with George, a lovely young cat who was adopted through Animal Re-homing just over two years ago. This is what Turbo's new caregivers have to say about her:

"Turbo has settled beautifully into our home - she loves the bed and particularly between the pillows, as you can see in the photo. She is very cuddly and very inquisitive. George, our other cat, appears to be very pleased that there is another cat for him to play with and Turbo seems to agree."


Beautiful Turbo was so named due to her loud and frequent purr when she is relaxed and happy. Born to a stray mother cat who has since been de-sexed and adopted, this pretty, blue-grey Tortishell with streaks and dashes of cream and caramel is now awaiting her own loving home.


Turbo is about 5-6 months old and has a very soft nature. She doesnt seem to know that she has claws and even when she plays, she is gentle with her toys, strings and human fingers. Turbo has been spayed, micro-chipped, treated for fleas and worms and is fully vaccinated.

She is expert at using a litter tray and would be ideal in an adult home or a home with gentle older children. If you work full time, she would probably enjoy the company of another accepting cat or two. Although she is initially shy with strangers, with a little playtime and encouragement, her curiosity soon comes to the fore.

Turbo is accustomed to sharing a human bed at night and it would be lovely if this routine could continue...