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Sebastian has been adopted into a home where he has human company and a lap to sit on all day long.

He has settled in well (already splaying himself across the marital bed) and is getting acquainted with the resident cat. We have had him micro-chipped so that he is never homeless again.


Sebastian has been living at a vet clinic since he was handed in a couple of months ago. He was found on the North Shore of Auckland and although he has been widely advertised, no-one came forward to claim him.


This is surprising considering he was already neutered and is extremely sweet natured - he has been much loved at some stage in his life.

He is a large pure black cat with a luxuriously thick coat and white whiskers. He is gorgeous looking with his startling green eyes and has a ready purr.

He loves to smooch, to be petted and to snuggle down on a welcoming lap.


Sebastian is estimated to be a senior cat who is now vaccinated, flea and worm treated.

If you are looking for a healthy, fully domesticated, cuddly cat to grace your home and if you are prepared to spend lots of couch time with him, then please apply to us. Sebastian needs a home which is safe from traffic and unsupervised toddlers.

If approved, he may also be adopted with his homeless vet clinic room-mate with whom he has bonded. (See advert for Camilla).