Lizzy & Chicks

Lizzy and her chicks have been adopted.


Lizzys_5_chicks_heThis dear little Barred Rock Bantam hen is a wonderful mother of five beautiful chicks. An unscrupulous person illegally dumped her at a public park in Auckland which left her at the mercy of the elements. Sadly we watched in horror as a passing dog killed two of her other tiny babies. We managed to rescue Lizzy and the remainder of her family and now seek a home where they will never face such terror again.Lizzy

It is very likely that two or three of the chicks will be male, so we are looking for an exceptional home where ALL of them will be able to live out their natural lifespans. Please do not apply if the hen and her female offspring would be cared for, but the young cockerels would be illegally abandoned or slaughtered when they reached maturity.

The successful applicant must be willing for myself or a representative to visit them from time to time. I look forward to genuine responses for these and other chick families. Adoption criteria applies. Thank you.

lizzy2   lizz3lizzy4

NOTE: If you witness anyone dumping chickens in public places, please note the time & date and write down their car number plate & description. If possible, also take a photograph of the offender(s) and forward all details to the Auckland SPCA so that a prosecution follows. Please inform others that abandoning an animal is cruel and is illegal under the Animal Welfare Act. Offenders can be fined up to $50,000.00, face a 12 month prison term…or both.