Rooster: Eddie

Eddie has a home in an animal sanctuary.


Rooster_Eddie1Friendly Eddie is an Old English Game Bantam rooster who stands at only 30cm tall. He has been absolutely cherished by his family since he pecked his way out of his shell as a tiny chick about 2 years ago. He enjoys a wonderful lifestyle with a little flock of hens to keep him company.

Sadly, new neighbours have moved in and they have complained about Eddie’s 6.30am wake-up crow in the mornings. The council has ordered him to leave.

Ten-year old Jemma adores her pet. When she doesn’t have him on a kitten harness to take walks inside the house with her, she is gently holding him so that he cuddles his little face into her neck and relaxes there enjoying the affection heaped on him.

Jemma’s Grandma was tearful when she found this text message on her Grand-daughter’s cellphone “To my best friend in the whole world Eddie, hope you will like your new home, love you forever, Jemma (Mummy). Xxxxx”

The family is very distressed and has asked me to quickly find him the loveliest home where he will continue to be cuddled and cared for until he dies from old age…

If you live in the North Island and are able to provide an attentive, life-long home for this little fellow where he will be safe from predators, including hawks and roaming dogs, please contact me. Adoption criteria applies. Thank you.

Rooster_Eddie3  Rooster_Eddie