Rooster: Squirt

Squirt has found a new home. 



Two months ago this small breed rooster was illegally abandoned in an Auckland public car park and so far he has managed to escape the jaws of dogs and injuries from traffic – where, sadly, dozens before him have not been so lucky.

Due to his size, we have nicknamed this handsome little Bantam boy “Squirt” and are feeding him every second day - until a home is secured for him. He has a light crow, but still needs to live in a rurally zoned area where roosters are allowed. Being small he is also vulnerable to hawks, so please consider the amount of tree cover you have before applying for his adoption. squirt2

Squirt is fairly independent and not likely to become a pet unless a lot of time is put into interacting with him. Provided he is regularly fed grains and kitchen scraps, he will be happy to sleep in the trees at night and to keep to himself. There must be someone out there who will offer refuge to this wee chap. I will wait to hear from you with appreciation. Thank you.

NOTE: If you witness anyone dumping chickens in public places, please note the time & date and write down their car number plate & description. If possible, also take a photograph of the offender(s) and forward all details to the Auckland SPCA so that a prosecution follows. Please inform others that abandoning an animal is cruel and is illegal under the Animal Welfare Act. Offenders can be fined up to $50,000.00, face a 12 month prison term…or both.