Sunshine & Shadow

Sunshine and Shadow have been adopted into a flock of 16 other hens who were rescued from a battery farm. After an initial introduction through wire mesh for seven days, they were accepted by the other girls.

This friendly, talkative pair follow their new caregiver around the huge garden area during the day and have quickly learned to go into the coop at night. They must think they are in heaven!


Not all backyard hens have a good life.s4

More and more people are abusing them for their ability to lay eggs and are keeping them in conditions no better than the commercial egg farming industry. “Garden” hens are often featherless, thin, weak and infected with parasites. Some of them have wire or string around their legs or necks, others live their lives crammed into small boxes.

Occasionally these battered birds escape from their suburban prisons and onto the streets and verges. We make no effort to find their “caregivers", but seek out homes for them where they will be appreciated and cared for in the gentlest way imaginable.

We have named our latest rescued urban hens Sunshine and Shadow.

Sunshine (the lighter hen) and Shadow are in an awful state. They have been brutally wing-clipped to the point that the structure of their wings – not just the feathers - has been mutilated…so their body shape may always look a little odd and they are unlikely to fly.

Their upper beaks have both been clipped in a similar way to battery farmed hens.

In addition, Sunshine has many raw patches on her body. They look like urine burns, so she may have been laying in excrement with no way of getting out of it.

We have treated them both for worms and lice. Poor Sunshine needed her legs/feet treated for disabling leg mite and they should improve over the next couple of weeks.

If you are able to offer these girls a safe and loving home with their rooster friend Casper, we very much look forward to your application.

Adoption criteria applies. Thank you.

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s3  Sunshine skin rawness - small