Roosters: Winston & Churchill

Before it closed its doors to further homeless and abandoned roosters, Winston and Churchill were among the lucky 40 who now live at a custom-built rooster sanctuary. They enjoy a huge, safely enclosed paddock with several roosting shelters and plenty of bachelor boy company. What a beautiful, colourful place to visit...

NOTE: Please contact me if you would like to discuss the possibility of your property being offered as a rooster-only sanctuary. Or please make a donation so that sacks of chicken food can be donated to our sanctuaries. Thank you.



Even when they are as gorgeous as these purebred clutch-mates, finding safe homes for roosters is our greatest challenge. Most people want to eat them or use them as breeding machines and then kill or sell their offspring. Neither option is acceptable to Animal Re-homing.

If you are zoned rural and will enjoy Winston the Sussex and Churchill the Wyandotte purely for their beauty, their youthful crows and their fascinating antics, then I would love to hear from you.

These 6-month-old cockerels will need to be kept safe from dogs and if they are living with hens, you must have a plan in place to prevent breeding.

These handsome boys are currently in Auckland. It would be ideal if they were adopted together, but we will consider separating them if necessary. Thank you.

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