Roosters: Clifford, Cheeko & Scooby

Clifford, Cheeko and Scooby have been adopted on to a rural property where they have other chickens for company.



When Sandra purchased four beautiful Pekin chicks, she was assured that they were all female.

However, six months later it became obvious that three of these babies were in fact young cockerels. Twelve months later the neighbours were complaining to council and I was then contacted.

Clifford, Cheeko and Scooby are delightful little characters who stand no taller than 12 inches tall. With their terracotta, black and golden hues they look wonderful busying themselves in Sandra’s garden - but suburban neighbourhoods are no place for roosters.

These healthy, pint-sized roosters are looking for a kind home which is safe from roaming dogs, hawks and unscrupulous people. They get along fine, so it would be lovely if they could stay together. Please apply with photos and information on how you would care for them, if you are able to offer Clifford, Cheeko and Scooby sanctuary. Thank you.

NOTE: If you would like to have hens in an urban environment, please save the lives of ex-battery hens before they are slaughtered at the tender age of 18 months to two years.