Bella, Bluey, Polly, Ruby & Rosie

They suffered their abandonment, but these girls are now very fortunate to be at a small private sanctuary and in the care of a personal friend of mine. For the rest of their lives, they will be cherished and lovingly tended to. I dream of all animals having such happy retirements.


The three hens pictured together are senior citizens who were dumped on the side of the road by their unscrupulous “caregivers”. No doubt this is because they were too old to lay the number of eggs they used to. After years of providing their company and their eggs, they surely deserved better than to die in an unprotected environment where they suddenly had to fend for themselves.chicken1

Bella, Bluey and Polly are looking for a kind retirement home where they will be appreciated simply as pets for their beauty and their company…and maybe an occasional egg. They are physically frail and may not be with their new guardians for long. These thin girls shuffle about and need a special home where they will be attentively loved and cared for. Bella cannot manage steps more than 6 inches high, so ramps may need to be installed for her. They are three happy old hens with good appetites.

We would like the old girls to be adopted with their two younger friends, Ruby and Rosie, who were also abandoned at a rest area. They were discarded among a large group of dumped roosters and were not coping with all of the attention of so many males. The risk of more homeless chicks being born was a huge concern. These stronger, fitter, younger girls were wary of the trap and were roosting high in the trees - so rescuing them took some planning. Two months later, they are in wonderful condition and are enjoying being cared for.

All five hens have been wormed and treated for leg mite where necessary. Their wings will be clipped prior to their adoptions.

If you are able to give these five girls a comfortable home together where they do not have to cope with other dominant hens or with the attention of roosters, I would very much like to hear from you.

NOTE: We don’t expect our beloved cats or pet rabbits to lay eggs; yet there are many who are unable to accept chickens with the same unconditional love. If you have aging hens and roosters on your property, please allow them to happily spend their sunset years under your care.

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