Roosters: Puff Cuddle & Tony Squawk

roosters-puff--tony-facePuff Cuddles and Tony Squawk are so lucky to be among the 40 cockerels to grace a rooster-only sanctuary. They have settled in quickly and are enjoying the custom-made roosting areas, the grassy and bushy landscapes and the loving attention of their new guardians.

Sadly, this sanctuary is now full. Please contact me urgently to discuss the possibility of establishing much-needed rooster sanctuaries. Thank you.


We have a tradition in this country that causes hand-raised roosters like Puff Cuddle and Tony Squawk to be rendered unwanted when school Agriculture Day judging ends. Children are encouraged to caringly raise day old chicks for a few months and then proudly present them for judging at Agriculture Day (Ag Day) shows. The schools often order the chicks in from breeders for this purpose.

Every October and November, these once coddled young cockerels are killed by their ‘caregivers’ or illegally dumped in public places and on roadsides while their winning certificates and ribbons hang on children’s walls. The dependent birds often die of starvation, hypothermia, on the roads, at the hands of poachers, through authorised slaughters or in the jaws of dogs. We and other caring members of the public try to pick up the pieces of this widespread annual cruelty. roosters-puff--tony-face1

Puff and Tony are victims of this sad rural custom. Their family was assured that the tiny chicks were female. However, as often happens, when they began to crow, the rural haven they were promised was no longer available to them. To their credit, the parents are desperately seeking responsible solutions. Ten-year-old Lauren is pictured with her pets.

roosters-puff--tony-on-shoulder-lesleyann-wIn Lesleyanne's words, We have recently found out that they are in fact roosters and the only home we can find for them is on somebody’s dinner plate. We don't eat our pets and can't let them go from us to be eaten.

They are ever so friendly - you only have to cluck and pat your leg and they will follow you wherever you go.

They sleep in their coop at night and we would like them to continue having somewhere warm and dry to shelter from the rain.  We would also like them to have plenty of safe space to run around and explore and just someone to talk to them and give them attention. Other than commercial grains and pellets, they enjoy table-scraps and a bit of crumbled bread now and again. We would very much like to find a safe home for them. Can you help us please?”

These gorgeous Barred Plymouth Rock boys are curious and interactive, enjoy being spoken with and love to wander about exploring their environment. Puff is the biggest and the friendliest and he enjoys being held for a cuddle.

Please apply for their adoption if you can provide a comfortable and attentive home for them together, which is safe from roaming dogs. If you have hens, you will need to describe your breeding management plan. Animal Re-homing will not be part of on-going breeding which results in the slaughter or abandonment of more roosters. Thank you.

NOTE: If your children are expected to participate in Ag Day shows, please suggest to their principals that they be allowed to grow a portable garden instead of raising an animal. Roosters are not the only once-cherished pets to fall from their pedestals after the show. Human-trusting lambs, calves, piglets and others are usually put back into the meat market.

roosters-puff--tony-by-wall-lesleyann-w roosters-puff--cuddles-close-lesleyann-w
roosters-puff--cuddles-in-coop-lesleyann-w roosters-puff--tony-grazing-lesleyann-w